SuperSand Sand Filter

Simplicity, reliability and ruggedness are the main features of the SuperSand filter.

The function of the SuperSand is very simple: the feed is introduced in the lower end of a media bed and filtration takes place upwards. The lower end of the media bed separates the dirt particles, and is selectively and continuously removed from the bed by an air-lift pump for transportation to a media-washer placed above the media bed. The media particles are given a good scrubbing in the air-lift followed by a thorough rinse in counter-current to a small portion of the filtrate. Finally the cleaned media exits the washer and is returned to the clean end of the media bed. The filtration never has to be interrupted for backwashing and a number of other advantages result from the SuperSand principle.

The SuperSand is supplied either as free-standing filters in stainless steel or FRP, or as modules for installation in concrete tanks. The modular construction makes it possible to build filter plants in different sizes and to make accurate predictions from pilot-plant tests.

Outside North and Latin America the SuperSand by Nordic Water is sold under the trade mark DynaSand.

SuperSand Installation

Advantages of SuperSand filters

  • Accepts high feed concentrations
  • Continuous Contact Filtration for super compact process/drinking water treatment
  • No moving parts in the filter
  • No automatic backwashing system required
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low supervision and maintenance cost
  • Efficient bio filtration with small footprint
  • Modular construction, can be built in any size
  • No first filtrate, always clean effluent
  • Low head loss

Simple treatment of wash water, no shock loads.


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