At Nordic Water, we have been working on improving the effectiveness of water treatment since 1961. Now we are able to offer you a wide range of equipment and systems for water purification plants, waste water treatment plants and industries of all sizes. We are a pure engineering company with a passion for developing original ideas and technical solutions that have the potential to revolutionise our sector and drive our whole industry forward.

About us

At Nordic Water, we are passionate about what we do. We know how important it is. Many people take clean water for granted and assume there is an unlimited supply available. Unfortunately, that’s not true. In global terms, clean water is a scarce commodity. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If we look after the water we have in the best possible way, we can make sure there is enough for everyone. And that is what motivates us, sparking our creativity and spurring us on to develop new and more effective solutions. After all, if we take our work seriously and tap into our company’s own wealth of expertise and innovative strength, we can provide outstanding products that benefit not only customers like you, but also everyone who uses the water you purify for them day after day.



Our vision, mission and core values

Our vision
Clean Water for Everyone!
Our vision is to be a leading provider of compact and energy efficient water and wastewater treatment solutions – ensuring enough clean water for everyone in the world.


Our mission
Making Water Go Around!
We develop and supply efficient and cost effective water treatment solutions for municipal and industrial markets worldwide. To do this we provide reduced footprint, lower energy demand, improved water quality and the possibility to reuse waste products.


Our core values, W.E.T.

Winning spirit – we go the extra mile
We play to win, and we go the extra mile to achieve satisfied customers, colleagues and business partners. Continuous improvement is our mindset, we have high expectations on ourselves as well as others, to ensure our customer’s and our own goals are achieved. We are brave in our decisions and we act promptly.

Engagement – we do the right thing
We enjoy and are proud of what we do, we take full responsibility for our commitments, our actions and our deliveries. We act with enthusiasm and persistence to achieve results.

Teamwork – we work together
We work together – globally – to find the best solution. We treat every colleague, customer and business partner with respect and honesty. We appreciate each other and work to achieve common success.


Privacy policy
Privacy policy


Anti-bribery and corruption policy
Anti bribery and corruption policy

Code of conduct
Code of conduct


Quality policy
The responsibility for quality is actively owned by every person, in every area of our business across the Nordic Water organisation.

We involve all to:

  • understand our context and stakeholders
  • commit to and clarify requirements that lead to our customers satisfaction, which is critical for our business
  • apply Nordic Water values into our business practices through active management

We are committed to continuously improve:

  • our processes
  • our competence
  • our performance based on facts, results and measured objectives

This policy applies to Nordic Water Products AB and subsidiary companies worldwide and will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Our certificates:

ISO 9001 Nordic Water GmbH

ISO 9001:2015 Nordic Water AB


Sustainability report
Nordic Water – Sustainability Report 2019

Alder divests its holding in Nordic Water – a leading supplier of water treatment technology

Our history

The history of Nordic Water as it is known today is made up of a number of interwoven threads. It all began back in 1961 with the foundation of the Axel Johnson Institute, a privately owned research institute. Over the years, we have developed innovative and effective water treatment products that have revolutionised our entire industry.

Nowadays our company is 100% Swedish-owned and our head office is based in Gothenburg. We have Swedish offices and service units in Stockholm, Mariestad, Klippan and Hanhals and our products are distributed worldwide through a network of our own sales companies and representatives.