Nordic Water helps Braviken Paper Mill meet stringent environmental standards

Holmen Paper Braviken AG produces paper for newsprint, coloured newsprint, magazines and catalogues from spruce pulpwood and recycled paper. The company has a strict environmental policy and its cleaning process is rated as class “A” standard by the Swedish National Food Agency.


DynaDisc filters help to save both the harvest and the environment

The summer of 2012 almost proved catastrophic for the Findus food processing plant in Bjuv in southern Sweden. However, thanks to a prompt action and our DynaDisc filters, disaster was averted and pea lovers all over Sweden were able to breathe a sigh of relief.


Cold water side stream filtration package for Shell’s Ethylene Cracker Complex in Singapore

Cold water side stream filtration package consisting of DynaSand internal filters. The wash water from the DynaSand filters is processed by Lamella plate packs and Zickert bottom sludge scrapers. The entire system is built in concrete tanks.