Colaba STP, Mumbai

Extensive tertiary treatment with DynaDisc® microscreens at the Colaba STP contributes to improved local environment status and guarantees fresh water supply to the citizens of Mumbai.

Colaba is located at the outermost tip of Mumbai and is one of the seven islands that used to make up the old city of Mumbai. The Colaba region is appreciated by tourists for its seaside golf club, beaches and public parks. During the last years the Colaba Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) has gone through an extensive modernization and upgrade. The latest one is tertiary treatment using DynaDisc® microscreens. The microscreens remove residual suspended solids containing nutrients, such as phosphate and nitrogen, as well as biological oxygen-consuming material. The upgraded STP, commissioned in mid-2019, now meets the new higher effluent requirements while minimising energy usage and contributing to improved environmental quality. The microfiltration process from Nordic Water was found to be the most compatible solution.

Simrishamn WWTP

Removal of pharmaceutical residuals and micropollutants

The wastewater treatment plant Stengården in Simrishamn, Sweden, is the first full-scale installation of its kind after an expansion with additional advanced treatment steps, which includes DynaDisc, DynaSand, DynaSand Carbon and ozonation. The advanced treatment steps are designed for excessive removal of pharmaceutical residuals and micropollutants as a first potential step towards enabling reusability of wastewater in a region which suffers from seasonal water shortage.




Municipal wastewater post-denitrification at Höviksnäs summer resort in western part of Sweden


DynaSand® filters for elimination of micro-pollutants at the wastewater treament plant Weißenburg

In October 2017 the wastewater treatment plant Weißenburg was equipped with the fourth treatment stage, consisting of an ozonation and a two-line filtration with activated carbon and sand.




Advanced primary filtration in Hommelvik

Hommelvik is a small village close to the Atlantic coastline, about 25 km east of Trondheim, in the central part of Norway. The new municipal wastewater treatment plant, Hommelvik RA, was built in a new location with higher effluent requirements, reduced energy usage and stringent environmental concerns in mind. Based on these requirements, the primary filtration process from Nordic Water was found to be the most compatible solution.


Nordic Water helps Braviken Paper Mill meet stringent environmental standards

Holmen Paper Braviken AG produces paper for newsprint, coloured newsprint, magazines and catalogues from spruce pulpwood and recycled paper. The company has a strict environmental policy and its cleaning process is rated as class “A” standard by the Swedish National Food Agency.


DynaDisc filters help to save both the harvest and the environment

The summer of 2012 almost proved catastrophic for the Findus food processing plant in Bjuv in southern Sweden. However, thanks to a prompt action and our DynaDisc filters, disaster was averted and pea lovers all over Sweden were able to breathe a sigh of relief.


DynaDisc installation resolves urgent need to reduce discharge levels

Himmerfjärdsverket, a water treatment plant south of Stockholm, is currently undergoing renovation work, which is due to be completed in 2018. Before this, however, the plant needed to find a quick solution to enable it to meet new, more stringent standards that have already come into force.


Innovative bottom sludge scraper put to use in Ivanovo

A rotating bottom sludge scraper based on a completely new design has been in operation in the Russian city of Ivanovo since October 2012. The design has proved very successful, with only a few adjustments required.


Increased extraction and reduced operating costs with Zickert™

The first installation of Nordic Water’s innovative Zickert technology in Scotland is increasing primary sludge extraction and lowering operating costs at a Lanarkshire waste water treatment plant.