Ryaverket waste water treatment plant – one of the world’s largest Meva Monoscreen systems.

All waste water in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second-largest city, is treated at Ryaverket, a plant by the mouth of the Göta River. This facility contains one of the world’s largest Meva Monoscreen systems.


Successful phosphorus reduction with DynaSand filters

Sundet waste water treatment plant outside Växjö in southern Sweden was faced with the challenge of ensuring that the phosphorus content in each litre of water discharged did not exceed 0.2 mg. To fulfil this requirement, ten DynaSand filters were installed in each run-off area. The phosphorus reduction process has now reached 89%, with 5-10% removed in the filters. The requirement was met with room to spare and the output phosphorus levels are often less than 0.1 mg/l.

Thames Water

Increased sludge management and effective odour control with Zickert™ scrapers

When Thames Water, the UK’s largest water and waste water services provider, wanted to make sludge management more efficient and improve odour control at its plants, it opted for Zickert bottom and surface sludge scraping equipment as its chosen solution. The overall project covers a total of 53 settling tanks in the Beckton, Crossness and Mogden sewage treatment works.