DynaCloth Discfilter

The DynaCloth fibre filter provides high quality filtration performance for municipal and industrial water, wastewater, and water re-use applications using the pile cloth filtration technique.

The proprietary filter cloth consisting of individual pile fibres woven into a backing cloth and mounted on both sides of each disc on easily removable filter panels provides a combination of sieve and depth filtration.

The DynaCloth produces high quality filter effluent of less than 5mg/l SS and is suitable for a range of treatment applications to reduce SS, BOD, P, etc..

Available in four discs sizes 0.7m, 1m, 2.1m and 3m with up to 32 discs per DynaCloth filter depending on the model.

Meva SA Grit Classifier

Mevas SA grit classifier is a highly effient grit classifier developed for grit handling in sewage tretment plants.

Meva Monoscreen RSM

The Meva Monoscreen is a patented self-cleaning fine screen for water purification with very high demands on the degree of separation. It has been designed to improve the separation of the screen bottom step – a weakness in other screens. The Meva Monoscreen provides sustained slot width over the entire surface of the screen. The screen can be operated with an almost complete screenings mat over the entire screen surface, and is the only screen on the market ensuring a slot width down to 0.5 millimetres over the entire screen surface, even during operation.

Meva Multi Rake Screen MRS

The Meva MRS multi rake screen is a mechanically cleaned screen suitable for inlet channels of waste water treatment plants, pumping stations and process industries. The screen captures solid materials in water, which otherwise would be harmful to downstream equipment. You can use the Meva MRS both as a coarse screen and a fine screen with a slot width as low as 5 mm. Whatever the application, you get a robust design with low maintenance requirements.

Meva Rotoscreen RS

The Meva Rotoscreen is a self-cleaning fine screen for the separation of solid particles from water. The screen has a very low flow resistance that provides a low head loss and the highest relative capacity of all screen types on the market, which is an advantage for open-channel installation.


The Meva SRS external sludge receiver is used for receiving and mechanical pre-treatment of sludge from tanker trucks. The external sludge receiver consists of a Meva Rotoscreen and a Meva SWP screw wash press. The Meva Rotoscreen is resistant to grease, rags and sand making it particularly well suited for external sludge reception. The facility can also be supplied with an automatic or manual sand trap. We can also install a hand-cleaned overflow screen as an option. The result is a flexible and efficient solution with high reliability.

Meva MCU

The Meva combi-unit MCU can be used for the mechanical pre-treatment of municipal and industrial waste water. All treatment steps are integrated and performed in the same steel container. The Meva MCU is supplied in sizes from 10 l/s to 300 l/s. The combi-unit consists of the well known and proven Meva products Meva Rotoscreen, Meva Monoscreen and screw wash press (SWP).

Sobye Belt filter TD

With our Sobye filter you get an automatic, self-cleaning belt filter that removes particles from water in a cost-effective and space-efficient way. The Sobye filter replaces the standard primary filtration of municipal waste water and sedimentation processes, but on a much smaller area. Due to its effectiveness, it offers an investment saving of up to 50%. The Sobye filter is also used successfully in fish farming and fish processing. Further advantages are that the system delivers an extremely dry sludge and chemicals are normally not required, which facilitates the further treatment or processing of recoverable material.

DynaSand WWR

DynaSand WWR can be used for final polishing in the final step of the purification of waste water. Due to continuous washing the DynaSand filter can purify waste water with high concentrations of particles, so that you get about 3-4 times higher capacity compared to backwashed sand filters. Washing of the filter media is adapted to load and flow.

DynaSand eVo

DynaSand EVO is a further development of DynaSand filter technology and is particularly suitable when cleaning water with low turbidity, such as ground water treatment and carbon filter installations. The filter sand is washed with water from a nearby filter or supplied via a conduit. Unlike continuous contact filtration no water is produced while washing the sand and like the conventional backwashing filter the sand bed is stationary during filtration. You can combine DynaSand eVo with contact filtration and can always switch to continuous filtration if necessary.
This makes DynaSand eVo optimal to use for groundwater cleaning and untreated water with low turbidity and colour.