SuperSand™ is a world-leading continuous sand filter developed by the Axel Johnson Institute in Sweden in the late 1970s. SuperSand is used to clean and produce water for drinking, industrial processes, waste water recycling and waste water treatment before the water is discharged into a recipient. With thousands of filters installed worldwide for municipal and industrial use, we have the experience and equipment necessary to exceed your expectations.

SuperSand CF

SuperSand CF provides optimum contact filtration to produce process and drinking water from lake or river water. The flocculant is supplied just before the DynaSand filter inlet and the first part of the filter bed has excellent conditions for quick flocculation and acts as a flocculation reactor. That means you do not need any special flocculation tanks. Thanks to SuperSand’s ability to handle high concentrations of particulate there is no need for additional pre-treatment of the sedimentation.

SuperSand WWR

SuperSand WWR can be used for final polishing in the final step of the purification of waste water. Due to continuous washing the DynaSand filter can purify waste water with high concentrations of particles, so that you get about 3-4 times higher capacity compared to backwashed sand filters. Washing of the filter media is adapted to load and flow.

SuperSand eVo

SuperSand EVO is a further development of DynaSand filter technology and is particularly suitable when cleaning water with low turbidity, such as ground water treatment and carbon filter installations. The filter sand is washed with water from a nearby filter or supplied via a conduit. Unlike continuous contact filtration no water is produced while washing the sand and like the conventional backwashing filter the sand bed is stationary during filtration. You can combine DynaSand eVo with contact filtration and can always switch to continuous filtration if necessary.
This makes SuperSand eVo optimal to use for groundwater cleaning and untreated water with low turbidity and colour.


SuperDrum is an automatically self-cleaning micro-screen filter designed for removal of suspended solids. SuperDrum is available in a variety of sizes and designs so you can find one to suit your needs. SuperDrum filters water through the machine by gravity and has a low pressure drop. In addition SuperDrum also has a low energy cost, which together with a proven design provides a low life-cycle cost.


With a SuperDisc filter, you get superior filtration performance for water, wastewater, and water re-use applications. The SuperDisc filter combines intelligent design and modern technology to give you clear advantages in filtration applications. The unique design features ensure efficient and reliable filtration day after day, year after year.

SuperCloth Discfilter

The SuperCloth fibre filter provides high quality filtration performance for municipal and industrial water, wastewater, and water re-use applications using the pile cloth filtration technique.

The proprietary filter cloth consisting of individual pile fibres woven into a backing cloth and mounted on both sides of each disc on easily removable filter panels provides a combination of sieve and depth filtration.

The SuperCloth produces high quality filter effluent of less than 5mg/l SS and is suitable for a range of treatment applications to reduce SS, BOD, P, etc..

Available in four discs sizes 0.7m, 1m, 2.1m and 3m with up to 32 discs per SuperCloth filter depending on the model.


Zickert Shark Z2000

The Z2000 Bottom Sludge Scraper is designed to provide continuous sludge transportation and performs well in all sedimentation processes, even in a sand trap. The Z2000 can be adapted to the most varied requirements because it is not dependent on where the operation is located and there is a choice between a hydraulic drive and an electric motor. The Z2000 also acts as a thickener.

Zickert Shark Z3900

The Z3900 Surface Sludge Scraper is designed to remove surface sludge efficiently without taking away unnecessary transport water. It can be used in most applications where surface sludge occurs, both in municipal treatment plants and in industrial processes. It is easily adapted for tanks equipped for flotation or with lamella.