Process E

The process we call biostabilisation is mainly used before other types of treatment at water purification plants. This process is completely biological and uses naturally occurring bacteria in the inflowing water to reduce odour, taste and levels of ammonium, iron, manganese or algal toxins.

The treatment involves using organic material in the inflowing water, which has the effect of separating off turbidity and colour to a certain extent. This process makes the water easier to treat in the next stage of treatment, resulting in better separation and up to a 15% reduction in precipitation chemical dosing.

High flow rate and low investment costs
The treatment starts with a DynaDrum-type micro-filter, which separates off larger items of particulate material such as algae. The water then undergoes further treatment in a DynaSand Oxy biological reactor. Air is added to offset the biological oxygen depletion caused by the process and to prevent the water from becoming deoxygenated.

These biological processes are often extremely quick, which enables you to use very high flow rates. This in turn helps to minimise space requirements and investment costs.
Another advantage is that there is no need to use any chemicals – all you add is air.


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