Mevas SA grit classifier is a highly effient grit classifier developed for grit handling in sewage tretment plants.

Main areas of use and features

• Grit classifier with capacity up to 30 l/s

• Heavy-duty, very robust design

• Improved, service and maintenance friendly design

• Fully capsuled, ventilation connection available

• Flange connected conveyor section

• High finish guarantees a long life time

Area of use

Meva Grit classifier provides the perfect solution for slurries and wet mixtures as it traps sedimentary particles and dewaters them, before discharging them. It is indispensable for grit handling in sewage treatment plants and for sand, bark and metal pollutants in paper mills.

The grit classifier from Nordic Water is a natural development based on years of experience from installations worldwide.


Incoming slurry is led through the inlet into the sedimentation tank, where a continuous sedimentation process takes place. Water overflows through the outlet while sand settles at the bottom, where it is conveyed and dewatered by the discharge conveyor.The design comes with inspection and cleaning possibilities, and a wear bar system that is easily replaceable without welding. The conveyor section can be removed from the tank for transportation.