The Z3900 Surface Sludge Scraper is designed to remove surface sludge efficiently without taking away unnecessary transport water. It can be used in most applications where surface sludge occurs, both in municipal treatment plants and in industrial processes. It is easily adapted for tanks equipped for flotation or with lamella.

Product information

This is how it works
The Z3900 is easy to install, reliable and has few moving parts. The scraper blade scrapes the entire surface of the tank and removes the sludge to a discharge chute or a scraper table.

The Z3900 is characterised by an incremental movement. The drive rod has a forward and return motion. The scraper blade is attached to a slide, which is advanced in stages by the drive rod. The slide switches the direction of movement at the end positions. It allows several slides with scraper blades to be used in the same tank. The scraper blades can then work in conjunction. When returning the scraper blade pivots upwards to avoid the sludge.

Main applications and benefits
• Easy installation
• Minimum amount of transport water
• Few moving parts
• Reliable operation
• Suitable for most types of sludge
• The scraper blade scrapes the entire surface of the tank