The Z2000 Bottom Sludge Scraper is designed to provide continuous sludge transportation and performs well in all sedimentation processes, even in a sand trap. The Z2000 can be adapted to the most varied requirements because it is not dependent on where the operation is located and there is a choice between a hydraulic drive and an electric motor. The Z2000 also acts as a thickener.

Product information

This is how it works
The Z2000 is based on the forward and return motion of the hydrodynamically shaped profiles. The concave side of the profile pushes the sediment towards the sludge hopper, whilst on the return movement the tapered part wedges under the sludge blanket.

The shape of the profile is the result of extensive research. Experiments in test tanks have shown that the concave shape is the optimum solution for various types of sludge, different scraping speeds and the best possible thickening effect.

Main applications and benefits
• Few moving parts
• Low maintenance
• Continuous sludge removal
• No interruption of the sedimentation process
• Reliable operation
• Easy to adapt for use in existing tanks
• Acts as a thickener
• Scrapes the entire bottom


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