DynaDisc filters help to save both the harvest and the environment

The summer of 2012 almost proved catastrophic for the Findus food processing plant in Bjuv in southern Sweden. However, thanks to a prompt action and our DynaDisc filters, disaster was averted and pea lovers all over Sweden were able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Findus case

The challenge
The Findus plant in Bjuv processes vegetables – primarily peas, to be precise. This process requires vast quantities of water, which needs to be purified before it is released into the nearby Vege River.

The river is small and, if the water is not properly treated, the Findus plant could have a very negative impact on the local environment, especially if peaks in production coincide with low water flows.

That is exactly what happened in the summer of 2012. The quality of the water deteriorated so much that it could not be released. An urgent situation arose and production had to be stopped – right in the middle of the pea season’s peak production period.

There was an imminent risk that large parts of the Swedish pea harvest would be lost if the problem could not be resolved within a few weeks.

The solution
Nordic Water has a production plant nearby and we were asked to try and find a solution. Just a few days later, we were able to install DynaDisc filters for tertiary treatment (in addition to the two existing DynaDisc filters, which were used for removing inflowing sludge). In less than a week, the installation was complete and production could be resumed. As a result, the decision was taken to install two permanent DynaDisc filters for tertiary treatment.

The result
-Thanks to tertiary treatment using DynaDisc filters combined with coagulation and flocculation following the biological treatment process, the purified water contained extremely low phosphorus levels and very few suspended solids.

-The dewatered sludge from the tertiary treatment is now used to generate biogas.

-The installation of these two filters meant that a large proportion of the harvest could be saved.

Now Findus has no problems meeting the requirements of the local authorities – even during peak season. And thanks to the upgrade, the Vege River and its wildlife can now benefit from even purer water.

Technical data
Two DynaDisc CDC filters
Normal production flow rate: 400 m3/h, maximum flow rate: 800 m3/h (during pea season)
Chemicals: FeCl Ø500 ppm, max. 800 ppm Polymers: 2-5 ppm

DynaDisc inflow:
TSS: 50-120 mg/l
Total phosphorus content: 2-8 mg/l
BOD7: 50-80 mg/l

DynaDisc outflow:
TSS: 5-10 mg/l
Total phosphorus content: < 0.1 mg/l BOD7: < 10 mg/l

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