The combination of Meva Screw Wash Press and Meva Pushing Counter Pressure Screw results in a product optimal for incineration. The result is a product with DS content of 50-60%, shredded screenings and a superior washing effect. It gives 50% less screenings compared to a wash press with a traditional pipe system.

Meva CPS-X is connected to the SWP by a pipe bend. The CPS-X creates a counter pressure during the working cycle of the SWP, which is continuously adjusted and maintained to maximize the results of the SWP regardless of the circumstances.

The pressure increases as the SWP pushes screenings toward the outlet, which is blocked by the CPS-X, until the current consumption of the SWP reaches its preset value. The SWP stops and the CPS-X starts, cutting off and transporting a part of the screenings to the discharge. In this way, the pressure is continuously adjusted and maintained resulting in a maximum DS content.
The high counter pressure also ensures a long retention time in the press zone, which provides a superior washing effect. At the inlet of the CPS-X the material is shredded, making it optimal for incineration. The CPS-X works as a pushing conveyor enabling long conveying distances. The pushing drive of the CPS-X allows it to maintain high results while being insensitive to volume peaks.