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The DynaCloth fibre filter provides high quality filtration performance for municipal and industrial water, wastewater, and water re-use applications using the pile cloth filtration technique.The proprietary filter cloth consisting of individual pile fibres woven into a backing cloth and mounted on both sides of each disc on easily removable filter panels provides a combination of sieve and depth filtration.The DynaCloth produces high quality filter effluent of less than 5mg/l SS and is suitable for a range of treatment applications to reduce SS, BOD, P, etc..Available in four discs sizes 0.7m, 1m, 2.1m and 3m with up to 32 discs per DynaCloth filter depending on the model.

Product information

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  • Gravity or pumped flow

  • Low headloss

  • High separation efficiency

  • High quality effluent

  • High flowrate capacity

  • High solids loading ability

  • Accepts shock loads without bypassing

  • High pressure backwash not required

  • Continuous filtration during backwash

  • Low backwash water reject volume

  • Reduced need for standby capacity

  • Compact footprint

  • Long Filter cloth life

  • Easy cloth removal

  • Chemical cleaning not required

  • High operational reliability

  • Low maintenance requirements

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Low energy consumption

  • Simple operation


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  • Tertiary treatment after clarifiers

  • Secondary clarification in place of final clarifier after fixed film processes

  • Phosphorous removal in combination with co-precipitation

  • Phosphorous removal with one or two stage chemical pre-treatment

  • Reduction of micropollutants and pharmaceutical residuals in combination with PAC (Powdered Activated Carbon)

  • Membrane pre-treatment

  • Process water treatment

  • CSO’s (combined sewer overflows)

  • Primary treatment of waste water

  • UV pre-treatment

  • Water intake filtration

  • Reuse filtration

  • Cooling tower filtration


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