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The Lamella plate separator was developed by the Axel Johnson Institute in Sweden during the 1970s and has become a world leader in lamella technology. Lamella separators are designed to maximise sedimentation in the smallest possible space. Lamella’s popularity is due to several factors; one of the most important being the well-proven design that contributes to the excellent safety and reliability that characterises Lamella.

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Lamella can reduce your footprint to as little as 10% of a traditional sedimentation tank. That makes it ideal for the expansion of capacity of existing water treatment plants, or when the surface is expensive or restricted.

Lamella plate pack
The LP and LPS plate packs are designed to be installed in steel or concrete tanks. They are mainly used in large municipal facilities, but also work well in smaller plants and industries. The packs provide significant cost savings and are particularly well suited for extending and remodelling to increase the capacity of an existing plant. The plate pack can be combined advantageously with a ZICKERT bottom sludge scraper.

LP – plate pack for waste water treatment
The Lamella plate pack consists of fully-immersed plate discs with a relief conduit in the centre. The centrally located conduit has V-notch weirs for collecting the purified liquid, which is then discharged through a discharge conduit. The flexible LP model can be incorporated easily into most sedimentation tanks and is very suitable for waste water treatment.

Lamella plate separators are available in many standard sizes all of which provide excellent separation and purification performance in a variety of applications, such as:

Municipal water and waste water treatment plant

  • Pre-treatment

  • Wash water treatment/purification

  • Primary and secondary sedimentation

  • Final polishing

  • Sludge thickening

Industrial applications

  • Industrial process water

  • Chemical industry – purification and thickening

  • Paper and pulp industry

  • Iron and steel industry, reduction of scale residues

  • Metalworking – the cleaning of metal surfaces

  • Waste water with metal oxide residues

  • Purification of the water from filtering processes

  • Biological waste water treatment

  • Recirculation of water in the vegetable industry

  • Treatment of scrubbing water


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