The Meva MRS multi rake screen is a mechanically cleaned screen suitable for inlet channels of waste water treatment plants, pumping stations and process industries. The screen captures solid materials in water, which otherwise would be harmful to downstream equipment. You can use the Meva MRS both as a coarse screen and a fine screen with a slot width as low as 5 mm. Whatever the application, you get a robust design with low maintenance requirements.

Product information

This is how it works
The Meva MRS multi rake screen is built with an open structure upstream. It allows you to perform service and repair of the drive unit, hasp plates and rod package without access to the rear of the screen. For maximum service life ceramic bearings are available as an option on the lower drive wheels. Scrapers are fitted with wear inserts in PE that can be easily replaced when worn. Electronic motor protection monitors the motor and protects the screen against overloading. It permits more complex and detailed settings than are possible with mechanical protection. If length permits, the screen can be equipped with support legs, which means that the screen can be pivoted out of the channel when performing service and maintenance.

For demanding applications we can provide fine screens with tear-drop shaped rods, which ensure a very low flow resistance. For awkward installations the Meva MRS can even be supplied in module form. It allows for the transportation and installation of the screen where it would not otherwise be possible. A simpler final assembly of the screen then takes place in situ.

Main applications and advantages
• Slot width 5-100 mm
• High screenings capacity due to multiple rakes
• Low flow resistance, low banking up
• Extremely robust construction
• Available in modular form (optional)
• May be pivoted (optional)
• Designed for easy access
• High quality finish ensures long life


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