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Due to the increasing use of fine screens, the amount of screenings separated from waste water is continuously growing, leading to increased odour problems and disposal costs.

Using MevaPress SWP (Screw Wash Press) to wash the fecal content and reducing the screenings volume is advantageous for environmental as well as for economical reasons. MevaPress SWP is well suited for both small and large waste water treatment plants. It is a compact, cost efficient and robust unit, which has proven good functionality due to its simple and functional design.

MevaPress SWP allows for both the return of washed-out organics to the treatment process and an increased DS content of the screenings. The combination of MevaPress SWP (Screw Wash Press) and MevaPress CPS (Counter Pressure Screw) results in a product optimal for incineration.

Combined with a Meva fine screen, the result is an optimal screenings unit. MevaPress SWP can also be used directly after coarse screens, sieves or transportation equipment such as spiral or belt conveyors.

MevaPress SWP is designed with double troughs making it very “torque resistant”, which is important in heavy operations where screenings have high DS content. The high “torque resistance” also enables the SWP to be delivered with a large inlet opening. Further, the double trough allows for the inner pipe to be fully perforated and, thereby, allowing maximal dewatering.  A robust axial bearing and a worm gear absorbe the forces from the press. The press zone is easily accessible through a hatch.


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