The Meva Monoscreen is a patented self-cleaning fine screen for water purification with very high demands on the degree of separation. It has been designed to improve the separation of the screen bottom step – a weakness in other screens. The Meva Monoscreen provides sustained slot width over the entire surface of the screen. The screen can be operated with an almost complete screenings mat over the entire screen surface, and is the only screen on the market ensuring a slot width down to 0.5 millimetres over the entire screen surface, even during operation.

Product information

This is how it works
The Meva Monoscreen’s unique patented design provides many benefits, especially under water and above all at the bottom step.

The Meva Monoscreen has a pattern of movement in which the specified slot width is maintained throughout the work cycle. The progressive movement means that only a small part of the screenings mat is transported up during each screen cycle. This minimises the ‘rush’ of water that might otherwise occur through the screen after a normal screen cycle. The risk of blockage due to sand, stone and similar materials is eliminated by the moving parts never opening a larger slot between the rods than the specified slot width.

You can run the Meva Monoscreen with very short pulses and it does not need to perform a full work cycle to its home position. Thanks to this approach the separation enhancing screenings mat can be made fully covering, leading to an unprecedented separation of up to 50% higher than in other designs.

Main applications and benefits
• Patented fine screen with slot width 0.5-6 mm
• Precise slot width during the entire operating cycle
• Fully covering screenings mat
• High flow capacity
• Few moving parts
• Fully encapsulated
• The market’s best separation capacity
• High quality finish ensures long life


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