With our Sobye filter you get an automatic, self-cleaning belt filter that removes particles from water in a cost-effective and space-efficient way. The Sobye filter replaces the standard primary filtration of municipal waste water and sedimentation processes, but on a much smaller area. Due to its effectiveness, it offers an investment saving of up to 50%. The Sobye filter is also used successfully in fish farming and fish processing. Further advantages are that the system delivers an extremely dry sludge and chemicals are normally not required, which facilitates the further treatment or processing of recoverable material.

Product information

This is how the Sobye belt filter works
The untreated water is led into the filter and the particles are separated when the water passes through the filter fabric. The screen fabric rotates when it needs cleaning. The fabric is cleaned principally by brush and then flushed at a high pressure, which is both cheaper and in many respects better than air cleaning.

The particles separated by the brush are transported internally in the filter to a press that de-waters the sludge to a very high dry content. The waste water is drained out of the filter separately and can normally be led back to the incoming water.

Compact and efficient
The Sobye filter has an exceptionally high filtering capacity in relation to its small size. It is therefore an excellent choice when space is limited and it provides savings because no large structures or tanks need to be built. The filter fits well into an existing facility and is also suitable as a channel filter. The filter tank casing is made of stainless steel (EN1.4404) and wetted parts are IP-67 rated.

Low operating costs
The fact that the Sobye filter uses an integrated brush for cleaning the filter fabric means no compressor or pump is required. Competitors’ belt filters using compressed air for cleaning require energy-consuming compressors that are expensive both to purchase and operate.

Many application areas
For more than 25 years Sobye belt filters have been installed on more than 200 sites and used for applications including fish processing, fish farming and pre-filtering of municipal waste water.

Flexible and robust construction
The Sobye filter is available in three standard versions with different capacities. Special models have also been developed for various industry requirements. The belt filter can also form part of a larger system delivery from Nordic Water consisting of a complete filtration system. The Sobye filter comes with a very strong fabric that can withstand higher pressure drop than competitors’ fabrics.

Provides a good working environment
As a provider, we value a good working environment. By cleaning the fabric with a brush and water the diffusion of particles and bacteria in the air is prevented. Together with a low noise level this gives your operations staff a good working environment. Operating costs also show that the cleaning brush and water is a highly competitive method. The required ventilation from the screens is only 5-15 cbm/h, which means very low ventilation costs.

Smart design – easy to maintain
The Sobye-filter fabric is incorporated into a cassette that you can easily remove from the filter tank for maintenance and repair. The fabric is made of polyester, which ensures an exceptionally long operating life cycle. Because you can easily replace the fabric in about 30 minutes, without the need to change the belt filter in general, you can safely accommodate future changes in filtration requirements.

Full control for special requirements
The belt filter can be delivered together with a control panel; it can be equipped with control instrumentation and monitoring to meet specific needs such as remote control.

Application areas

Fish farming
In fish farming there is a natural water contamination from fish faeces and leftover food residue. High levels of this contamination can damage the growth and survival of fish stocks. The Sobye filter removes particles and allows you to maintain a good water quality.

Fish processing industry
The Sobye filter has been used successfully for many years in the treatment of waste water from the fish processing industry. The waste water may contain high levels of particulate matter and oxygen-consuming substances, often in combination with grease and oil, for example. By using a Sobye belt filter these levels can be effectively lowered while maintaining performance and low or no chemical consumption.

Primary filtration of municipal waste water
The Sobye filter replaces the standard primary filtration of municipal waste water and completely replaces the sedimentation processes, but on a much smaller area.