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DynaBelt Belt Filter TD

The DynaBelt™ provides energy efficient primary filtration within a compact footprint, allowing operators in municipal wastewater treatment and industrial applications to maximize capacity within existing spaces. Coupled with smart control features and an operator friendly design – this belt filter is a futureproof alternative to sedimentation tanks.

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Perfect for primarily filtration
The DynaBelt offers a 30-50% average reduction in total suspended solids (TSS) thanks to an effective filtration area of 2.7 m2, the largest available on the market.

Designed for maximum hydraulic flow, the DynaBelt only requires 10% of the space of an equivalent sedimentation tank. Three sizes are available to suit a variety of applications, and DynaBelts can be installed in parallel to maximize throughput.

A unique sludge discharge roller provides a sizeable energy saving compared to competitor designs, allowing operators to reduce energy costs and associated emissions.

Filtration applications include:

  • Primarily filtration for wastewater

  • Combined sewer overflows (CSO)

  • Industrial filtration

  • Pilot schemes

  • Low flow applications

  • Larger systems

How the DynaBelt works
Comprising a seamless, auto tensioning belt filter, self-cleaning slave and drive rollers, low consumption spray bars and the longest emergency overflow weir on the market – the DynaBelt is activated when head loss occurs due to the build-up of solids. The belt moves and the spray bars activate, with water entering an integrated backwash system. An optimized hot water flush is effective at removing oil, fat and grease from the filter without chemicals.

A novel feature for the DynaBelt is the sludge discharge roller. Rotating at high speed, the roller uses a partial vacuum to remove sludge from the belt. Sludge is then transported to a dedicated compartment separate from the backwash reject water, ensuring that there is no dilution. When compared to competitor systems with air knives or blowers, the DynaBelt offers a considerable energy saving, using less than 0.6 kW in operation. This delivers a substantial reduction in operating expenditure (OPEX) and carbon footprint.

Advantages of the DynaBelt

  • Needs only 10% of the space of an equivalent sedimentation tank

  • Improves throughput within existing spaces – ideal for built-up areas

  • Largest effective filtration area compared to competing designs

  • Longest overflow weir on the market – maximum capacity and reduced stress on belt

  • Energy saving sludge discharge roller – lower costs and carbon footprint

  • Lightweight cover allows access without cranes or lifts

  • Control panel with integrated HMI and two variable frequency drives (VFDs)

  • Failure validations and notifications – informs maintenance work

  • Operating torque, water consumption, energy usage and head loss detection

  • Optional 4G antenna and wireless monitoring

  • Compatibility with a variety of industrial control systems

  • Master/slave mode for 1 + 5 units

  • Low, compact tank design reduces headroom requirements

  • Quick connectors for easy belt exchange

  • Belt changes only required every one or two years

Talk to our experts to discover how the DynaBelt can maximize the throughput and capacity of your filtration process.


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