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DynaDrum is an automatically self-cleaning micro-screen filter designed for removal of suspended solids. DynaDrum is available in a variety of sizes and designs so you can find one to suit your needs. DynaDrum filters water through the machine by gravity and has a low pressure drop. In addition DynaDrum also has a low energy cost, which together with a proven design provides a low life-cycle cost.

Product information

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Proven robust construction
The DynaDrum filter comprises several filter panels mounted around a rotating inlet drum and provides a simple yet robust solution for the removal of particles.

DynaDrum is available in five different sizes: 0.6 m, 0.8 m, 1.2 m, 1.6 m and 2.0 m in diameter and provides up to 22.5 m2 net filter surface per machine.

The woven filter fabric, with a density down to 10 microns, sits firmly on the filter panels and is uniformly tensioned to maximise fabric life and minimise the number of attachment points.

A proven and robust design that provides high efficiency filtration with minimum pressure drop.

Main applications

  • Food industry

  • Waste water

  • Primary treatment of waste water

  • Fish farming

  • Untreated water screening

  • Pre-filtering

  • Paper and pulp

How DynaDrum works
The water to be filtered enters the drum via the inlet and gravitates out through the filter in the drum outer edges. The particles are separated and stick to the inside of the filter.

When the water level in the drum reaches a preset level, the drum starts to rotate and the filter backflush starts. By means of high-pressure washing DynaDrum uses the filtered water to remove the accumulated particles and deposit them in the pan. DynaDrum operates at a 65% level of immersion and the filtered water is controlled by a dam.

Advantages of DynaDrum
Filter panel:

  • Fewer parts per drum segment for easy maintenance and reduced weight.

  • The fabric is bonded to the filter panels, which maximises densification and allows a high fabric tension, thus extending the operating life cycle.

  • Low weight allows the installation of up to 22.5 m2 effective filtration per DynaDrum.

  • The amount and load levels are based on the actual rather than theoretical filter surface.

Compact width overflow and bypass:

  • Internal and external width opportunities.

  • Space saving, expandable width overflow.

Optimised backwashing:

  • Protection against foreign objects in the backwashing system.

  • Backwashing systems that minimise water and energy consumption.

Robust operation:

  • Light, lubrication-free and corrosion-resistant chain drive.

Two variants – one method
DynaDrum is available as a standalone unit with a chassis in stainless steel or with a framework for installation in a concrete tank. Whichever you choose, you get the same reliable industry-leading rugged design.

Installed worldwide
DynaDrum gives users worldwide compact, efficient and reliable filtration. Contact us at Nordic Water to see how you can make use of DynaDrum’s many advantages.


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