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MevaScreen MCU

The MevaScreen MCU (MevaScreen Combi Unit) can be used for the mechanical pre-treatment of municipal and industrial waste water. All treatment steps are integrated and performed in the same steel container. The MevaScreen MCU is supplied in sizes from 10 l/s to 300 l/s. The combi-unit consists of the well known and proven Meva products MevaScreen RS, MevaScreen and screw wash press (SWP).

Product information

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This is how it works
The waste water, which can be delivered by gravity or pumping, is led to a fine screen and purified from solid particles. In the screw wash press the screened material is washed, dewatered and compacted. The washed and dewatered screened material is delivered via a pipe system or CPS back-pressure screw to a container. Sand separation occurs in the subsequent sand trap that can be fitted with aeration and a surface scraper for grease removal. The sand is ejected by means of screw conveyors, with associated dewatering. If you want to or need to wash the sand, the unit can be supplemented with sand wash. The combi-unit can be used with the installation for both outdoor and indoor environments.

Main applications and benefits

  • Screenings separation

  • Washing and dewatering

  • Sand separation

  • Grease separation

  • Flow rates from 10 l/s to 300 l/s

  • High quality finish ensures long life


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