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MevaScreen SRS

The MevaScreen SRS (Sludge Receiving Station) or External Sludge Receiver is used for receiving and mechanical pre-treatment of sludge from tanker trucks. The external sludge receiver consists of a MevaScreen RS and a MevaPress SWP (Screw Wash Press). The MevaScreen RS is resistant to grease, rags and sand making it particularly well suited for external sludge reception. The facility can also be supplied with an automatic or manual sand trap. We can also install a hand-cleaned overflow screen as an option. The result is a flexible and efficient solution with high reliability.

Product information

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This is how it works
The sludge fed to the tank passes through the MevaScreen RS that traps solid particles. Via a screw wash press the separated screenings material is washed, dewatered and compressed. The dewatered and washed screenings material is then transported by a pipeline or a back pressure screw to a container.

The entire cleaning process takes place in a compact and enclosed system that eliminates the odour problems that are common in other systems.

The equipment is fully assembled in a compact stainless steel tank. The screen can be equipped with a flush ramp for flushing the loose sludge. As an alternative to the Meva screw wash press the XP spiral press or the XC screw conveyor can be used. The MevaScreen RS can be supplied with a 3 or 6 mm slot and is resistant to grease, rags and sand, making it particularly well suited for external sludge reception.

The external sludge receiver provides clean and dry screenings, which reduce the amount of screenings material. This in turn results in lower transport and landfill costs.

Main applications and benefits

  • Receiving station for the mechanical pre-treatment of external sludge

  • Capacity 1-3 m3/min

  • Rotoscreen with downstream screw wash press

  • Can be combined with separate stone and sand trap

  • High quality finish ensures long life


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